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Our goal is to give you a head start and help make a plan for your child’s future.

Families that do no college planning will pay 3.5 times more for college than those who do.

Data from Sallie Mae

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The most important pre-college course students –

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 How to SAVE THOUSAND$ on college

 How to find and apply for little known SCHOLARSHIPS & GRANTS

 How to choose a major with ABOVE AVERAGE PAY and job opportunities

 How to GRADUATE ON TIME and SAVE 20%-40% more

 How to construct a plan that makes you the job candidate that GETS HIRED

 How to AVOID DIABOLICAL SCAMS that target students

Nearly one of every two college students ends up with a lousy job and crushing debt

But Wait!
This Does Not Have To Happen To You
Because Now
There Is A Solution!

Nearly one of every two college students ends up with a lousy job and crushing debt

The Road to College Success Requires a PLAN

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The Road to College Success Requires a PLAN

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Watch This Video to Learn More About Plan For College and How it Helps Parents Plan: gives you the tools you need to beat the odds …

for less than the cost of a couple of textbooks

Every parent should [take] this class before spending any money on college.  What an eye opener!

Russ B.

Chicago, IL

The Best Places to Find Scholarships – in One Guide

Many students never take the time to explore scholarships, especially if mom or dad is footing the bill for college. There are scholarships available for anyone and everyone. This free guide will give you the top ten places to find scholarships for your college-bound teens.

Our son graduated with $90,000 in student loan debt!  We’re so glad we took this class as our daughter gets ready to attend.  We – and she – will make very different choices!

Carl R.

New York, NY

My daughter selected a different college after learning what traps to avoid.  Thanks so much.

Karen W.

Dallas, TX

As college costs continue to soar, you can’t afford to miss this workshop!

Wow! This was so helpful.  We won’t need to borrow as much from our retirement fund now.

Bill C.

Jacksonville, FL

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