I’m Jim Wilkerson, a 30-year veteran Financial Advisor and now president and founder of The Personal Finance Education Center. The PFEC provides educational programs, workshops and articles to help you successfully navigate your family’s personal financial waters.

I want to share a story with you.

A few years back when my daughter was excited about going to college we went through a totally unacceptable and frustrating experience trying to gather all of the information necessary to help her make good decisions about getting ready for college. You know… which college, which degree and how to pay for it.
After hours of research, we still ended up paying too much, being unable to access available scholarships and grants, and almost putting my own retirement savings at risk. Why?

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Because I didn’t know how to develop a college success plan, didn’t know anything about student loans and definitely didn’t know the right questions to ask.

Like me, you’ve probably seen recent headlines about the massive student loan problem and the low rate for students graduating on time and being unable to find acceptable jobs in their field that cover their student loans. It’s a shame that most folks don’t know that with some basic pre-college planning, these problems can all be prevented.

I now offer a comprehensive Pre-College Planning Workshop Course for Students and Parents that has been developed by a select group of CPA’s, CFP’s and College Counselors.  This project has been under development for many years and has been carefully designed to help you avoid these common mistakes.

This course includes:

• The right strategies for paying for college

• How to determine your Return On Investment

• How to choose the right school and the right major

• How to enable your students to graduate in less time

• How your student can become the grad every employer wants to hire

I’ve been teaching this program at workshops in my community and getting loads of positive feedback. It’s been very gratifying, but I realized I could help only so many families through an in-person workshop.

That’s when I got the idea to put the entire course online. I could now “teach” the most important pre-college planning strategies and folks could access the workshop, resource guides and videos on demand at their convenience and at a fraction of the cost of an in-person workshop. In fact, for less than the price of a couple of textbooks you will learn strategies that will help save you thousands on your college costs and develop a comprehensive pre-college planning program for your student.

I’m so excited to bring this knowledge to families everywhere and I know the Pre-College Planning Success  course will help you and your child create a plan that will help minimize college costs, maximize your child’s earning potential and protect your retirement.