Do you have children that are college-bound juniors or seniors in high school?


If so, what’s Important to you about sending your child to college?

Whenever I ask this question of parents the answer is sometimes surprising.  Completing their role as a parent is one. But really as parents, we all want our children to obtain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment and to fulfill their purpose in life.

Whatever is important to you personally about sending your child to college, we can help you realize your dreams of giving your student the best possible chance of succeeding in life.

Colleges have personalities, just like people do. Some students learn by doing, others by reading. Some students like to be involved in class discussions; others do better by listening to lectures. Some colleges are by nature conservative; and some are in the middle and others lean to the left, just like people. At some colleges parties are a big part of campus life while at others a big Saturday night is baking chocolate chip cookies and hanging out in the dorms discussing the meaning of life.

Some colleges are better equipped to prepare a student for a specific career like physical therapy, while others espouse the ideal of academic excellence along with a sense of responsibility to use one’s gifts for the service of others and the benefit of society.

When it comes to paying the bill, the question of financial aid is often asked and – through our affiliation with Collegiate Funding Solutions – we can provide two things to make the admissions and financial aid process easier and more successful:


  • We can perform and assess your student’s personality and learning strengths, provide a list of probable career paths and also a targeted list of schools based on the student’s academic, extracurricular activities, personality and the family’s ability to pay. By having a tailored list of schools, you will save considerable time, effort and money.


  • We will help you organize your finances to make sure that you have the highest probability of success with the financial aid process EVEN if you think you don’t qualify. Often, the college will not offer any merit funds if you don’t file. If you wish, we will file your financial aid forms and make sure that they are done accurately and on time. You may be surprised to find that there are many colleges and universities prepared to make a financial investment in your child regardless of income but you must apply.


Finally, there are a host of questions and concerns that come up during the course of the senior year. Even under the best of circumstances problems often arise. We are prepared to help you every step of the way.

You can now look to us as your college admissions and financial aid advisor!

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